Noveller, “No Unholy Mountain”

Post Author: Derek Evers
Noveller No Unholy Mountain video

Celestial, other-worldly, complicatedly beautiful, dream-like, distorted serenity, and the always favorite, atmospheric, are just a few of the words we’ve used in an attempt to describe Sarah Lipstate’s Fantastic Planet, her latest album as Noveller. While all appropriate, they’re also generic enough to leave room for personal interpretation, which is a very important element of Noveller’s music (and any artwork in general). And when words fail us, we’re sometimes lucky enough to have a video to help give us context.


The visual accompaniment to Noveller’s “No Unholy Mountain” is as up-for-interpretation as the song itself. Directed and edited by filmmakers Derrick Belcham and Ruby Kato Attwood (filmed by Belchem), the video “expands upon their joined aesthetic of analog micro-worlds… created using optical techniques that employ multiple light sources, custom glass modifiers and a wide array of thematically-chosen refection surfaces to create short sections of growth and luminosity leading to decay and darkness.”

In layman’s terms, it looks like a setting sun—in all of it’s fiery red glory—as it’s about to hit the crest of the horizon, manipulated and distorted to create a sense of unease in what is usually a calming experience.

Actually, that’s a pretty accurate description for Noveller’s music.

Noveller will be playing a few shows in March, a full list of tour dates is below. Fantastic Planet is out now on Fire Records.

Noveller tour dates

02 The Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX
13 Levitation Festival, Chicago, IL
19 SXSW Festival, Hotel Vegas, Austin TX
20 SXSW Festival, The Hideout, Austin TX
21 SXSW Festival, Flatstock, Austin, TX