Phototaxis, "Scissors"

Post Author: Emily Chu

Phototaxis just recently released a video for their track, “Scissors.” But if you’re like us, the first question you probably had was, is phototaxis a real word or just another made up band name? Well the answer to this is right on the band’s bio: “Phototaxis is the biological term, which indicates a movement towards the light, a positive trend upwards, but the road is dark and mysterious.”
Phototaxis is a band from Tel Aviv, with a distinct electro-soul vibe and you definitely get that feel in “Scissors.”  This video is so strange and cool, and pretty much as simple as you can get. Everything is black and white except for the middle figure, which looks kind of like a floating Darth Vader with 4 wiggling arms, with scissors attached at the end of each one. The scissors would snip randomly and periodically, with no discernible pattern. It’s pretty interesting!
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