PJ Morton, "Go Thru Your Phone"

Post Author: Andre G

PJ Morton, singer, songwriter, and keyboardist of Maroon 5 dropped his Gumbo album earlier this year, a properly-titled album that showcased an eclectic hip-hop-R&B fusion. True to classic soul, the project explores love in many facets, notably via a lens of insecurity on “Go Thru Your Phone” – which is about exactly what it sounds like.
Morton recently released a video for the track, a clean visual which was crafted by Cinemadonna, who worked as a cinematographer on Beyonce’s Lemonade – including “Formation.” The fun video belies the serious subject of the song, which explores Morton’s qualms about a relationship that seems alright on the surface if not for Morton’s worries about losing it. “I get scared from the though of someone having your heart” Morton croons over smooth guitar play.
Morton composed and wrote the song, which showcases a steady build and lyrical craftsmanship that honors classic R&B while refining it for 2017.