Premiere: Blackfeet Braves, “Oh So Fine”

Long hair, velvet blazers, and barely-there mustaches…this could either be a 70s porno or the latest clip from Blackfeet Braves’ new self-titled LP. Lip cardigans and mop tops on full display, the Los Angeles psych-pop quartet sing with a Tim Presley distortion and dance around the flickering lights of an arcade in their video for “Oh So Fine,” a song that bobs along on the bottom of a beautiful sea, doing a little sock-hop shuffle and keeping it sweet. And hell yeah, these dudes share our love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games!

Watching these lovely longhairs dance about on their ultimate guys’ day out is both mellow and confusing. It’s like they’ve created a carnival ride from yesteryear, leaving out all hints that this isn’t 1969 except for winking looks into cell phone cams and the occasional Simpsons game snap. With their penchant for psych-tinged bits of bubblegum, Blackfeet Braves are about to find themselves in excellent company. The L.A. dudes are heading to Austin Psych Fest on April 26, playing Moon Block Parties across the desert there and back again.

Tour dates:
20 Moon Block Party: Desert Daze — Mecca, CA
22 Moon Block Party, District Tavern — Tucson, AZ+
23 Moon Block Party, Lowbrow Palace — El Paso, TX+
26 April 28 – Austin Psych Fest
30 Moon Block Party, Rhythm Room — Phoenix, AZ *
01 Moon Block Party, The Void (formerly Bar Eleven) — San Diego#

+ = w/JJUUJJUU & Cosmonauts
# = w/JJUUJJUU, Wild Wild Wets, Barbarian