Premiere: Kids On A Crime Spree, “Creep The Creeps”

Oakland's Kids On a Crime Spree gave us an of their new 7" last week, and to celebrate the single's release we give you the premiere of the Stagnant Cult video for "Creep The Creeps". Having cracked the rebellious sound of '65 in all of it's analogue glow and majesty; the trio of Mario Ishii Hernandez, Becky Barron and Bill Evans provide prime time, black and white visuals with purposeful off-kilter contrast from the days when television still projected their moving images of popstars through bulky tubes.

Lauren Luck plays the mysterious chain smoking wife, dancer and cocktailer with an air of aloof tension while keeping a tell-tale suitcase close by. The video follows the lingerie clad Luck through a Bay Area apartment flat as the Tanqueray martini is poured and mixed, ironing is attended to, and the analogue FM tunes get switched on. With the frequency turned to Slumberland Radio hosted by D.T. Shelley (aka Doran Shelley), the spirit of the mid 60s ring out across the pond from Studio 1 in Kingsway, London where the Kids' "Creep The Creeps" commences with hand claps, and reconstructed go-go visuals. With a checkered background stage, Mario, Becky, and Bill are joined by Lauren as a dancing reinforcement in what could have been a televised segment from a vintage UK Top of the Pops or a classic stateside Hullabaloo live number.

Embracing a bygone era as if it never left, the Crime Spree boogie down to their vintage surf guitar licks, dances the swim and treat the percussive hand claps as nature's greatest gift of instrumentation. In a performance and sound you wish would stay longer, the 2 and half length standard of the time cuts off the amplified performance to the sound of canned applause while you lose track of what year you're living in. And as the Kingsway pop showcase ends, Luck switches off the radio to reveal a dead James Meuleners as her not so lucky husband with an iron shaped abrasion on his back. In between the cigarettes, the retro music video interlude, and the transitory luggage; we learn that Lauren is on a crime spree all of her own. As the Kids' beach waves of sound and glimmering guitar riffs ring out in your mind, we can't help but wonder who, when and where Lady Luck's next victim will be laid out like laundry to dry.

The new Kids On A Crime Spree single Creep The Creeps 7" is available now from Slumberland Records.