Chance The Rapper, “NaNa”

Under the auspices of comedy brand Jash, Chance The Rapper was given $5,000 to shoot a video for his bratty slacker anthem "NaNa". Enlisting the help of comedian Hannibal Buress to direct, the two masterminded a fun romp around Los Angeles that includes, but is not limited to, a pizza party, furry costume rentals, a ton of worthless junk at the 99-cent store, throwing some janky-looking white girls some money, a guest spot at The Laugh Factory, and a ride on a sightseeing bus. Keep your eye out for a cameo from Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

Though the video is mostly haphazard and sloppy, I can't say I'd turn down the offer to watch what lots of musicians do with 5K. Clearly the possibilities are relatively endless because I have no idea how much most music videos cost to shoot. Chance The Rapper's album AcidRap will be released sometime in the future, date TBA.