Premiere: Carnivores, “Spell”

Atlanta's Carnivores are connected to all the right movers and shakers of the city. Cole Alexander of Black Lips appears on the upcoming record, they've shared the stage with Coathangers and Bradford Cox, and former Deerhunter bassist Josh Fauver is putting out their record on his Army of Bad Luck imprint.

With all that fine china on the table, Carnivores got their own thing going, churning out surf rock with a post-punk angularity. On "Spells" the group sound as though their rising is from the bottom of a rabbit hole. As the sound breaches the surface, Carnivores are spellbound and wondrous, like the victims of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' witchcraft. The video only lends further evidence of Carnivores mesmerized playing, clearly under the influence of violent potions and ten tons of glitter.

Carnivores' Second Impulse is out October 8 on Army of Bad Luck.