Premiere: Juiceboxxx, “Front Seat”

Juiceboxxx's body is less a person, more a vessel for the courageous potential of the human spirit. When you watch a Juiceboxxx video, see him live , or stream a performance on Youtube, it translates no matter the medium that this rapper kid from Milwaukee, WI is doing exactly what he feels in his heart and thusly was born to do.

On "Front Seat" he's aware of it when he raps "this might suck, but at least it's real". There's nothing perfect about Juiceboxxx's rock-box throwback rap. It's not re-inventing the wheel of 80s Def Jam era rap. But, Juiceboxxx never hints of a concern for that because this is what he wants out of life. Being anything but Juiceboxxx would be a betrayl to himself. To tour relentlessly, putting wear and tear on his Converse and skinny jeans in videos of him stomping around the streets of California and bathing fully-clothed in the shore of Lake Michigan is his way of pleasing the universe.

Stream Juiceboxxx's Front Seat of the Tacoma at his Bandcamp.

Tomorrow Juiceboxxx's Thunderzone Tour begins in Ithica, NY. Tour dates are here.