Premiere: Zulus, “Blackout”

Zulus are a powerhouse, there's no doubt about it, and this video depicts a likely scene at one of their shows. Filmed at the long-running DIY venue Dead Herring in Brooklyn (and starring one if its residents), the video depicts a bunch of drunken thrashing about by a single gentleman, as he tumbles around the show, in and out of the crowd, cornering people in dead-end discussions, exploding across the room, disrupted by and being disruptive to the audience, and just generally doing what a guy blacked out at a crazy punk show would do.

If you want to get blacked out at a Zulus show, you could do worse than this coming Monday (7/23) in Brooklyn at 285 Kent, when they play with Milk Music and Nude Beach. If you don't have the luck to do that you can black out in the comfort of your own home by buying the record from Aagoo here.