Radamiz ft. History, "poweR"

Post Author: Andre G

“That’s why I be getting tight when people be talkin’ about you gotta bring New York back…look at this video y’all. This Mogul Club, we New York.”
Radamiz may be as humble as it gets when it comes to (dope) New York rappers, but sometimes even he has to just flex. The aforementioned reminder came in the video for “poweR,” a track from last year’s Writeous album. The track was one of the most momentous junctures on the album, with triumphant production matching Radamiz’ introspective lyrics and liberating “you can’t take my power” proclamation. Radamiz’ Mogul Club partner History tags along on this one, delivering a bold, self-assured verse with gems like “take the time and recognize your blessings” and a brief breakdown of his fashion consciousness all the way from age 7.
The Radamiz & SwissArmyGuys co-directed visuals accentuate the song, as the darkness wraps around the New York streets and the stirring synths much the same. Radamiz and crew are midnight marauders, feeding off each other’s energy and running the streets as if the city is all theirs. With more great music from the camp, it just may be.