Raw Fabrics, “Get Me The Hell Out Of Here”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Raw Fabrics, aka Jack Bruno has just released his music video for “Get Me the Hell Out of Here,” and it’s his first single as a solo act. Like many other musicians before him, Bruno had succumbed to drug and alcohol addiction and it ultimately unraveled his life. But in a moment of clarity, he checked himself into treatment and came back stronger than ever, and it certainly shows in the music.

The video for “Get Me the Hell Out of Here” has a very distinct dazed quality to it, as if  the video itself was under the influence. Bruno is wandering the streets at night, singing, and two eccentric looking women in bright color wigs approach him, moving seductively and doing whatever they can to entice him. Bruno keeps walking and sings, “Get Me the Hell Out of Here,” running away from the temptation that is a metaphor for addiction. The seductresses hand him an envelope with note that simply says, “you will always love me cause you will always love pain.” This song has a jittery and nervous vibe to it, with a punk rock sound. Bruno’s vocals are low and expressive. As a whole, this video compliments the song perfectly, giving us a clear visual story as Bruno maneuvers away from temptation.