Robot Death Kites, “Sleep Deprived”

Post Author: Loren DiBlasi

These days, the Internet may be mourning the “death” of DIY, but there are still musicians working to ensure that do-it-yourself ethics aren’t going anywhere. “Sleep Deprived” is the second single from Robot Death Kites’ EP, Yuppie Nightmare, and its video was directed, filmed, and edited by guitarist Jon Fuhrer. In fact, Robot Death Kites created the video entirely by themselves, as it stars lead singer Otis Casey. The finished product is a distorted blitz of fury that’s sure to keep anyone’s eyes open.

“Sleep Deprived” is exhausting. Infuriating. A visceral attack on the senses, the track’s caustic combination of noise and punk is definitely not for the weary. Between fiery screams and screeches, “Sleep Deprived” travels from our protagonist’s bedroom to the subway to literal hell (Times Square) and back again. The video features several cool touches, like the jerky editing style and footage of the brain. Furious and unrelenting, “Sleep Deprived” is a merciless glimpse into a sick, restless mind.

Yuppie Nightmare is streaming now on Robot Death Kites’ Bandcamp.