Salvia Plath, “House of Leaves”

The new video from Michael Collins aka Salvia Plath aka Run DMT will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with his psychedelic-before-it-was-cool aesthetic. Only this time we're seeing a more pared-down, direct-to-listener take on songwriting, and it feels very Kinks-heavy. As the video begins, an older man raises a glass of (port? wine? whiskey?) and claims, "Guys, great album for us old-timers." It's true—the song and the video for "House of Leaves" is as firmly planted in 1968 as even 1968 was planted in 1968. Even the shooting of the video with the closeup to middle-closeup to faraway image of Collins feels shaky and uncertain in the style of that era's cinema and advertising. It's brilliant and highly listenable, just make sure you remember what time period we're living in.

The Bardo Story is the first release under the moniker Salvia Plath and can be preorderd through Weird World Records at this link.