Idiot Glee, “Pinkwood”

Under the moniker Idiot Glee, Kentucky native James Friley has released a video for "Pinkwood" from Life Without Jazz, the followup EP to his debut full-length, Paddywhack. In a patient-mannered and well tempered search for Friley's "lover," the path through the woods, the lakes, and the houses of old Americana Kentucky are shrouded in a vintage-enough haze to match Idiot Glee's throwback sound. The crowning moment is in Friley's reverse plunge into a lake, capturing the feeling of what one might feel when attempting earnestly to find a romantic companion.

Idiot Glee's recent EP is available for stream here and in an Impose tape series, you can find Do You Wanna Go? at our store.

The vinyl version of Life Without Jazz is a co-release with Atelier Ciseaux and BureauBureau and can be purchased at either site respectively.