Sammus, “Nighttime”

Andre G

Ithaca MC Sammus has a knack for pulling from everyday situations and turning them into relatable, endearing encapsulations of the human experience. “Nighttime,” her new song featuring Izzy True, tackles the irritance of pre-dawn anxiety. Lingering thoughts get to the best of us, and on “Nighttime” Sammus reflects on her restlessness through an artistic lens.

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Over a cheerful, synth-backed production, Sammus has a conversation with herself–presumably around 2AM. She doesn’t always know how to say no to fellow artists who want something for nothing. She wrestles with herself to plan out the details of her recently released Pieces In Space album. These thoughts apparently became such a hindrance, that they ended up making the album.

The track is augmented by a vibrant Faye Orlove-directed video in which Sammus re-enacts her late night routine. Against projected landscape backdrops that splash her bedroom wall, she plucks away at her laptop, plays on her phone and sits up restlessly, wondering, “will I feel insane forever?”

Hopefully now that Pieces In Space is available for purchase and she’s on tour, she’s been able to rest easier.

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