SATE’s “Feel” Leads Us in to Her Soulful, Rock ‘n Roll Rebirth

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

SATE’s soulful voice is not new to the music scene. Raised in a very musical family, the matriarch of which is none other than Miss Salome Bey. (Yup. That’s right! New Jersey native–and Canada’s First Lady of Blues–Salome Bey is SATE’s mother!) She grew up learning the soul, jazz, and gospel vocal stylings of her mother (among many other performers), and has even joined her on stage at Toronto’s storied Massey Hall (where she has played solo many times as well).

SATE (defined as “satisfy a desire to the fullest”) is her reincarnation, and her new project began with three individual EPs, created with a successful PledgeMusic campaign and aptly titled Red, Black & Blue. Each EP is “a journey into the multitude of emotions dealing with the three most important ladies” in her life, work that was initially released digitally. Donors to the original PledgeMusic campaign were to vote on which songs they wanted to see on the full-length album when it released, and have been compiled into the 10-track album RedBlack&Blue.

SATE’s live performances have been highly praised by NOW Magazine and Lithium, and her energy is palpable in every video we’ve caught a glimpse of. How lucky are we, then, to have the pleasure of exclusively premiering her new music video for “Feel”?

At first listen, we heard a little bit of that Lenny Kravitz-inspired greatness that we all know and love. But there is no doubt that this new sound is punk-inspired, and comes straight from SATE’s heart. Her attitude is discernible as she croons the first line, “Woke up earlier than usual, I was ready to take on the day.” The video itself is a compilation of civil rights imagery, and continues the open discussion on race in today’s society. It also begs the questions, “What do you want me to hear? What do you want me to see?” as if her emotions are being controlled–or at least triggered–by outside sources. “Feel” allows its watchers to further question control that the media has, and feeds into the probing discussion on race in our culture.

“Feel” does it all with a very soulful and vibe-y BANG that is very unique to SATE’s voice. This badass is insanely rock ‘n roll, in style and in sound, and her platinum blonde mohawk is leading her into the rebirth of a lifetime.

RedBlack&Blue is out Friday, June 10. It is available for pre-order now