Screaming Females, “It’s Not Fair” (Live)

Post Author: Lexy Cullinan

On February 24, New Jersey DIY-punk trio Screaming Females’ will release a sixth LP, Rose Mountain, on Don Giovanni Records. Though their previous releases were self-produced, the band decided to bring in Matt Bayles (Mastodon, the Sword) as producer for Rose Mountain in an effort to restructure their sound with an emphasis on vocal melodies and lyrical themes. Along with an international tour featuring dates with Priests, Tenement, Mitski, and more, Screaming Females have shared a live video of album track “It’s Not Fair.”

The track is unsurprisingly hard-hitting, with tight, churning instruments and frontwoman Marissa Paternoster’s raw-throated intensity. Its simplicity and starkness is matched by the camerawork of legendary director Lance Bangs (Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Pavement), who filmed the video at 94 Jewel Street. Watch the video above.