Seasick Mama, “Man Overboard”

Seasick Mama's new video for the upcoming "Man Overboard" single delves into a daydreaming world of fantasies, kidnapping pirates and games of bounty hunting, crossed with lust, beauty and plays of power. Jay Bulger's breathtaking video plays with the deus ex machina plot device artifice that makes nearly every eye popping frame and scene nothing like what it may seem from the skin and water's glittering surface.

The video begins as Marial Eve Moon is kept under the captive eyes of a watchful don in an estate of closed circuit television cameras that ogle over every move. Singing to the camera's eyed vision of her captor, Marial hides her unclothed self from the camera's surveillance as she dresses down for a swim in an Olympic sized pool. Catching the eyes of the watchful groundskeepers as if on her own fashion week runway, outside cameras and onlookers maintain a watchful stare as the fantasies of escape and extortion commence after a dive in the water.

Beneath the water's blue surface, Marial closes her eyes as the scene cuts to thoughts of making epicurean haste out of the plantation before being held up by rebel operatives. Holding her up with guns and a hand-cam, both means of pointed control take on phallocentric means and objects of power struggles for control and demands. As the action moves in conjunction with the lyrics of, "start swimming circles if you're waiting, call an s.o.s., man overboard"; our Seasick Mama is taken by boat to a new shore where sexed up Stockholm syndrome antics by campfire light are played out in seaside sport. Hot on the bloodhound trail and following a celebratory flare signal is El Jefe, who discovers his belle by the extinguished beach side fire, immediately killing of his competition.

Rapidly rising out of the chlorinated azure pool, Marial recalls all with wide eyes as if was all but an afternoon's dream and spell. And as the don gazes at her from his balcony terrace, his flicked cigarette to the ground is intercepted symbolically by one of his trusted custodians. From here a new plot is hatched and chased, as the don rewinds and watches his cameras and begins to uncover a different tale of subterfuge already in play. Enticing, intrusive, but seductive images of Marial in various states of dress (and undress) find her on a mission complicit with the landscaping gardeners, as she puts on her international woman of mystery best and escapes by motorcycle with her new rebel faction guard.

Seasick Mama's new single "Man Overboard" will be available September 24, with pre-order available through iTunes. The second EP Tip Top Shape will be available November 5 from No Shame.