U.S. Girls, “28 Days”

U.S. Girls' Meg Remy has long been a favorite in the game of supporting, promoting, and fostering an encouraging environment for women in music. With a premiere on the already stellar Rookie Mag, her latest video for the track "28 Days"—an ode to the magic, beauty, and frustration that lies within women's menstruation—Remy is doing more than just changing the scene for the better. The video itself is a Motown-y throwback, with Remy sporting a high beehive, doing the mashed potato, and hanging out with her equally chic gal pals. If this was what it was like to get our period every month, maybe we wouldn't hate it so much.

"28 Days" is from the upcoming U.S. Girls release, Free Advice Column, which comes out on Bad Actors on September 24.