Sharon Van Etten, “Taking Chances”

Sharon Van Etten's "Taking Chances" is off of her forthcoming full-length Are We There, though it first appeared in February on a Jagjaguwar new signings album. It now has a video counterpart, directed by Michael Palmieri and based on the opening scene from Agnes Varda film Cleo from 5 to 7. The video follows Van Etten either conducting or receiving a tarot reading—it's too hard to tell which because we only see shots of hands or a face, but never both together. At one point, her head becomes ensared in an ominous thicket of other people's hands, wrapping around her like ivy. Successfully, the simple and limited imagery in the video begs the question of whether religion is being rejected or embraced in this scenario. Watch the video above and decide for yourself. Are We There comes out May 26 on Jagjaguwar.