SHIRT, “Queens Cat (Take Off)”

SHIRT fucked Rihanna. These are the first words uttered by Queens rapper SHIRT, formerly T-SHIRT, on his album RAP, which he dropped in February. Is it the truth or just a clever campaign of proxy and SEO analytics? Either way, SHIRT asks you to not shoot the messenger. With a housecat in hand, SHIRT steps out of his front door to deliver his unapologetic rheteric to the camera on "Take Off". Sure to rile up a few animal activists, "Take Off" features shirt and a leashed cat chilling on the stoop and cruising through Queens, taking a few last minute bumps of that white girl before they catch the next plane out of town. A rapper and his cat would have been source material for heavy shaming in another era of rap, but in 2014 it's just good Internet. Cats, man.

SHIRT's RAP album is streaming on his Soundcloud now and available for download.