Premiere: Shortwave Broadcaster, “Recognition”

The following feels like an experiment in the lives of air bound signal transmitters. The dew drop fall of guitars that land upon the rising surfaces of visual atmospheres sends forth quests to seek out the identities of moods, people, places, and things throughout visual spaces of lands, spheres and surrounding galaxies, stars and perhaps contact with new life forms. These are the latest voyages from Keith Canisius's ambient adventures knowns as Shortwave Broadcaster, where he debuts his self-made accompanying video for "Recognition". The exploration into the meditative arenas will see release September 10 with the Everything You Do Is Deja-Vu EP from Saint Marie Records,where moments of recognized memory responses and mood narratives move like man made air signals finding a natural place somewhere between the sky and the vast intergalactic expanses of focused new frontiers.

Keith takes you across hills, and valleys, turning on the day and night like an ambient light switch. Elapsing the span of time, Canisius presents the sky in a similar way you might imagine the top of the globe's axis might interact and observe it's fellow pals and planets. Through these spans of rolling days into nights, and formations of the earthly and interstellar there is a certain awakening of consciousness. Through the gazing and glancing visages, Canisius pairs the sleep glances and perceptions from lifeforms with their uncanny opposite in an act of "Recognition" that finds a new peace, a new connection, and a new understanding that transcends and transverses the designation of species while celebrating and surveying lush new anthropological existences. Through the radius scan and span vehicle from Shortwave Broadcaster, subliminal stories of lives both discovered and new run through the intuitive channels of telephone pole transmitted telepathy that relay a narrative of nature's own daily regiment of spinning cycles.

Keith Canisius entertained our inquiries into the zen of those ambient spaces of "Recognition" along with the freedom, thoughts and thrills behind his Shortwave Broadcaster project.

"Recognition" has an ambient quest for identity feel from the gazing eyes
and the alliterative guitar strums. What role does recognizing of identity
and self play for you and your music?

To be honest I never gave it much thought. The moment I'm not making music that moves me, it get's rejected.
My first goal in working with music is always to move myself.
Recognition from others is great, but it's not an objective in itself.
It comes with making good music. In order to make good music, you have to feel moved by it yourself,
and it's nice if others give you recognition for it afterwards.


And like the way the song fades in and out over this course of ongoing
progressions, and the video's passage of elapsed time effect; how does time
inform your work? It seems like it plays prominent motif of inspiration.

I like the movement in a story from A to B to C, etc…
I always want my music to move like a story.
Time is quite abstract in this movement and structure.
It's always there somewhere in the back of my head like
the time it takes to tell a story.

How does it feel to let a song breathe in those passage between the guitars
where you feel as if you are listening to the passage of air?

It feels nice. It's like taking a big breath. The whole track is like taking deep breaths.
Thinking about things and feeling a mood, but the moods and thoughts are quite powerful,
so you need a break, a deep breath.


How does Shortwave Broadcaster give you the freedom to experiment in
manners that you had not explored prior under your solo moniker?

I can experiment way more, and I don't feel like I have to live up to any expectations on this project yet.
This project is actually a lot of fun in that way.
I take it seriously, but it has to be fun and somewhat relaxing to do, and it is.
I love putting sounds and moods together. I have a sixth sense with moods somehow.
And I always imagine pictures and moods when I listen and make music.
It's very saturated in this project, which I love.

Shortwave Broadcaster's Everything You Do is Deja-Vu EP will be available September 10 from Saint Marie Records. "Recognition" is available now on mp3 with pre-order.