Signor Benedick, “H8 Everybody”

LA's Signor Benedick the Moor is down with the right people and to the remainder—he hates you. At 19 years old, Signor Benedick found his friends of mutual interests early, aligning himself with the Deathbomb Arc label and becoming a member of True Neutral Crew. He's following up his appearance on the crew's recently released #POPPUNK mixtape with his debut album, El Negro, in June.

On "H8 Everybody [Enter The Black Prince]" Signor Benedick is alone in his room, bugging out with homemade headgear, and sampling The Cure in order to properly channel his teen goth mentality through rap. Benedick is not the prototypically angsty goth kid. His lens places the phantoms of Tupac and Trayvon Martin in the same castle foyer, haunting his domicile. With those ghosts on his shoulder, Benedick delves further into his outsider lifestyle from grade school to present day, which he's now learning how to decompress in rap form and bedroom productions.

Signor Benedick The Moor's El Negro is out June 17 on Deathbomb Arc.