Signor Benedick The Moor, "Pillows"

Post Author: Andre G

It’s mid-May, which means baseball is in full swing. This could either be a good thing or the annoying season where you see names trending on Twitter and click only to see that they’re baseball players you couldn’t care less about. For experimental hip-hop artist Signor Benedick The Moor, it’s the perfect time to drop the baseball-themed video for “Pillows,” an ambitious track that threads breezy day-at-the-beach pop with trap elements.
As the chorus bellows, and Signor Benedick longs to “be want they want of me,” it feels like the kind of stab at mass appeal Miley Cyrus would have eventually tried if hip-hop wasn’t merely an outfit for her. The video showcases Signor Benedick bopping near the ocean, bat-in-hand. As he rhymes with a heady unsteadiness over a buoyant synth and stuttering snares, scenes from Japanese anime pop up on the screen.
It’s a fun, somewhat surprising offering from Benedick, but then again the California artist has proven in the past to be down to try anything musically. With “Pillows,” he swung for the fences and hit a moon shot.
Signor Benedick’s The Moor Toybox is out June 19th via Deathbomb Arc Showcase. You can pre-order here.