South Island Son, “One Year At Sea”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

As a debut single, “One Year At Sea” is a tropical-folk melody that gives footing to up and coming South Island Son. Any listener is thrown into a bind with their first play of  “One Year At Sea”, noting an edginess within a ‘something to prove’ mentality. Only to be followed by a crispness and clarity that distills it all—begging the question of who really are these guys?


Turns out this new, Manchester-based band has a secret—South Island actually refers to New Zealand’s largest island, being the birthplace and former home of lead man Jonny Woodhead. The group’s assembly was toted as simply a collection of musicians along a journey. Completion of the line up brought in Tom Rothery, Ben Wiltshire, and Dan Wiebe in a mashup of love for songwriting and modern influences. Citing Paul Simon, Fleet Foxes, and Villagers as primary inspirations of their sound, it isn’t too bad of a place to start.

2017 & Beyond

With a late 2016 launch in “One Year At Sea”, South Island Son already have plans set in motion for a French and UK tour. Lining up what we can only foresee as more quality releases like this one, 2017 will be particularly busy for the outfit.


South Island Son can be found on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on Instagram. As a group born late this year, the easiest way to support them we can find is sharing articles like this one, and playing them on Spotify.