Michael Brummett

Michael Brummett is a student entrepreneur and director of the #OneDayKC startup competition. He reads as many books as he can, likes his coffee black, and takes a few classes at Rockhurst University.

Michael Brummett's Posts

The Map Room, “Hold Me Up To The Sun”

An inspired creative vision like no other.

PONCÉ, “Surrender To the Night”

A duo rockin’ together since the womb.

Stray Monroe, “Take It Fake It”

“Like a punk band on one of their cheerier days.”

The Mute Group, “A E I O U”

Released in conjunction with the vernal equinox.

Demure For Sure, “Party Hardy”

Disturbingly masked in the midst of a panic attack.

Common Miner, “Parade Blue”

Seattle multi-instrumentalist with a post-album followup.

French Vanilla, French Vanilla

Stylistically crazy & a great name for punk.

To You Mom, “Bow To The Limbo”

Heavy in reflection.

Ella Vos, “White Noise”

A commentary on motherhood.

Crown Larks, “Circus Luvv”

Becoming more experimental as it progresses.

Slow Bear, “Fucking Off”

A much needed energization.

Pitchfork Announces 2017 Festival Lineup

A reasonably impressive 2017 lineup.

Frederick The Younger, “Horoscope”

An exploratory progression.

Feverkin, “February”

Part 2 of his 2017 calendar project.

Joel Michael Howard, “Lies”

Recording studios, new albums, and math teachers.

Okaidja Afroso, The Palm Wine Sea

A richness of cultural diversity & immense talent.

Roy Rodgers Is Not ‘Contrived Garage Crap’

Born in the desert, alive in the rain.

DogStar Tantra, “Fall to Pieces”

A love/hate letter to humanity.

Jonny P, “Say I Do”

Teasing a new EP & playing 5 showcases at SXSW.


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