Feverkin, "February"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

“February” is the 2nd part of an on-going series in 2017, featuring multi-instrumentalist Feverkin. You can catch up and read part 1 below:
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Feverkin can be found just north of Atlanta, Georgia, where he draws inspiration from both the serenity of nature and the sound playground of the city. He rarely hits the road to play shows. Opting instead for the studio, he finds traction in licensing his music to small businesses and regular collaborations with filmmakers.
With the start of 2017 has come the start of a new audio/visual project, shooting for a new song and video to come out each month. All the while, he’s documenting the recording and editing process.
As he puts it himself:

“The goal is to get better at adhering to deadlines.”


“February” is as ripe with organic experimentation as it could be. Quite literally, you are able to find everything and an actual kitchen sink in the soundscape. In most music videos, you will be exposed to a rather human-centric story that ties into the framework of the song itself. With Feverkin’s calendar project, you are plucked from that archetype, and given something entirely new.
Without a focus on the humanity of it — which is an interesting consequence itself — you are left to explore and live with the music itself. Not enough can be said for the readily apparent talent within the production. Using the tools around him, Feverkin pieces together a cohesive story without the direct complication of human emotion.


Feverkin has an impressive catalog of music on Bandcamp, but has also put his work on iTunes and on Spotify for you to check out.