PONCÉ, "Surrender To the Night"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

PONCÉ is a Nashville indie pop/rock duo that has an edge on their competition — they’re identical twins. They didn’t meet as Craigslist roommates; didn’t have an awkward ‘getting to know each other’ period; and have been learning to share since the very beginning. Since age 12, they’ve been playing music together, beginning with piano lessons from their mom Patty, eventually branching off to guitar and drums respectively for Carson and Michael.
So you know, PONCÉ is pronounced “P A W N – S A Y”. Consider yourself culturally informed for the day.
With an EP on the horizon, Afterglow, PONCÉ looks to distill the vision and experience in music that has taken them to where they are today. Here’s what Carson had to share about “Surrender To the Night:

“‘Surrender To the Night’ is my favorite track on the EP. The song was originally written as more of a heartland rock anthem and was pretty much finished. I met this girl at a bonfire last December, and when she walked up, there was this moment like she was the still point of the moving world — she was brilliance and center-stage. We talked through the night and kept in touch, but I couldn’t get the moment out of my head. The next few days I completely rewrote ‘Surrender To the Night’ and went totally cinematic and romanticized it to 11. I wanted it to be upbeat, fun and catchy, and I think you hear that on the track. I’m a super hopeless romantic and ‘Surrender To the Night’ shows that side of my writing. It’s just fun and hopeful.”

You can find the duo, who would tell you they’ve been “rockin’ since the womb,” on Facebook.