Paris & Simo ft. Sara Diamond, "Keep Me Close"

Post Author: Andre G

Montreal-based electronic duo Paris & Simo recently released “Keep Me Close,” a cheerful electropop number featuring singer Sara Diamond. The track is a release from producer 3LAU’s not-for-profit BLUME label, which aims to use music to raise funds for various causes. The profits from “Keep Me Close” (and Kap Slap’s “Gone”) will be given to the ACLU, as BLUME looks to raise $30,000 for the organization.
Paris & Simo have said that they are “excited” to donate their earnings to charity, noting that the music industry “needs to look out for others and the future generations.”
The 3-minute track, laced with Island-influenced instrumentation and playful synths, is the rare feel-good work that supports a feel-good cause. Paris & Simo crafted a dynamic soundscape on “Keep Me Close,” with a range of mood progressions, and warm vocals throughout from Diamond.
You can stream “Keep Me Close” below.