Stray Monroe, "Take It Fake It"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Stray Monroe is a nascent, San Diego indie group, bringing their first album into the world.


Originally forming around the vision and cohesion found between Blake Imperl and Colin Croft, Stray Monroe has been teasing the release of The Stray Monroe Show since last Fall. Putting out “Broken Records” on Impose Magazine back in December, “Take It Fake It” is the second track off their debut, and was the band’s first single. Blake and Colin soon were joined by guitarist Adam Hakes, and began work on the EP in February of 2016.


“Take It Fake It” delivers a grittier onset than their past releases, giving the track a great chance to catch your attention. As it progresses, you may miss the moment a ‘track-within-a-track’ emerges. Distinguishing the two halves of the song with a rather conclusive transition just past the 2 minute mark, Stray Monroe at heart seems like a punk band on one of their cheerier days. The climb following this progression is a fitting anthem to close out the production.


You can find The Stray Monroe Show on iTunes, for just under $6. They’re on Facebook, too.