Ein Sof, "Zenith Underground"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Ein Sof is an Italian, post-rock trio, that began as a project between brothers Fabio and Dario Gatto.


Writing and arrangement spanning across California and Italy, How Spiders Perceive Gravity is Ein Sof’s latest release and second EP. Their first, Trimurti, was recorded in a three day session. Shortly thereafter, Dario moved from London, where he was living at the time, to Italy. As a full-time painter, too, Dario’s work can be found on their latest EP’s artwork (below).

Credit Dario Gatto
Credit Dario Gatto

How Spiders Perceive Gravity was preceded by a 3-month long trip to California, where brothers Fabio and Dario played at open-mics and as buskers. When they returned home to Italy, they were joined on drums by their friend Will.
I had the chance to ask Dario about the video creation process for “Zenith Underground”. Here’s what he had to say:

“We ended up doing everything, from shooting to editing, in just two days, without a professional crew or anything. Which could also be seen as a downside. Haha. But happy as we are with the result, that’s fine!”


“Zenith Underground” is a testament to the experimentation that led Ein Sof’s instrumental project to incorporate vocals in their final product. An incredible addition to the lucid, atmospheric backdrop of the track, the vocals bring an element of emotional weight that ups the stakes of the experience. As it plays through, the symbolism of the hands begin to make more sense.
Beneath the noise and the grit lay an appreciation of the humanity at play in the heart of the production. That humanity cuts through the melodically beautiful soundscape in a way that wouldn’t be complete without the touch and vision of the Gatto brothers. 5/5.


The easiest way you can help Ein Sof is by listening to the rest of How Spiders Perceive Gravity and supporting them on Bandcamp. On Facebook, you can find the group here.