Memoryy, "I Thought You Needed My Love (ft Odd Year)"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Memoryy is the solo project of Shaun Hettinger.


Through 2016, Memoryy landed 12 different pieces on HypeMachine. Shaun, an electro-pop producer, wrote the new Netflix Chelsea Handler theme song, and has progressively earned the title of “Remix King”.
In his personal life, 2016 held a cross-country move from Brooklyn, NY, to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Music became his full-time job, forming his music production company Keytarred And Feathered. Only the 3rd time he’s ever moved, Shaun came across a lot of old, forgotten things when packing – including most of the demos of  songs that make up his new album, Skeletons.

Skeletons is his third album as Memoryy, and the first full length one.


“I Thought You Needed My Love (feat Odd Year)” takes a passive, softer start and transforms into a full-fledged electro-pop dance ballad. Becoming fully realized at the 3 and 1/2 minute mark, the complexity of what Memoryy put into the track just starts to sink in.
It’s a beautiful synth pop vibe, with just the right fitting of atmospheric elements to retain your attention until you reach the song’s climax. At that point, listeners couldn’t help but see the track to its end.


Skeletons will be out in March of this year — you can check out Shaun on iTunes here. You can find Memoryy on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.