Frank Palangi, "Break These Chains"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Frank Palangi is an Upstate New York rock artist that has found a deeper meaning within the creation of his music.


Based in Upstate New York, Frank Palangi is able to boast the backing and praise of Brian Craddock (Daughtry). As a rock recording artist, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Frank faces the challenges of being an indie musician with a sense of drive and self-awareness that keeps him honest in his work. Finding a purpose within his work, it’s clear that Palangi has developed a growing relationship with his fanbase:

“It has been a blessing with fans at these shows, hearing their stories [about] how my songs have helped with hardship in their lives. Growing up, I learned to adapt my medical illnesses — that not only has had a major impact on my lifestyle — but has led me to reroute illness into a strength. That strength makes me share my beliefs, passion, and will through my music.”

Frank has opened for acts including Red Sun Rising, 3 Door Down, Candlebox, Starset, Buckcherry, Aaron Lewis (Staind), Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf), and festivals including Uproar and Rocknderby. You can find all of Palangi’s show dates on his website.


“Break These Chains” isn’t just a matter of semantics — the grit and intensity one would expect to find within any narrative of that name is found in Frank Palangi’s work here. Importantly, though, it isn’t overdone or oversold in its effort to mirror the fervor and pace of the track in the video. Staying rather true to itself, there are subtle indications that there’s something more to the song — as a kind of empowerment or call to become inspired.
In the frenzy of the power behind Palangi’s vocals, it’s hard to remember his great intentions. It’s almost as though you’ve been let in on a secret. At its height, Frank’s raw vocals are fluid and gut-wrenchingly dense. Underneath, it’s a story of finding reason and meaning in your own pursuits.


You can find Frank Palangi’s music all across the internet:

Frank is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.