Mr. Elevator, When the Morning Greets You

Post Author: Michael Brummett


Formed in Southern California back in 2012, Mr. Elevator came together by the work of Thomas Dolas and Justin Martinez.


“When The Morning Greets You With A Smile” [4:48] is a psych-pop ballad with a lot of character. As the title track of the album, you journey from progressive rock loops into nerdy synth melodies and then back again. The climbing vocal arrangements are the highlight of the track, always followed up with a burst of timely instrumentation.
“Madeline” [4:29] begins cheerily, and a little washed out (in a good way). Mr. Elevator does a great job throughout the album dangling their vocals and catchy instrumentation in front of their listeners — it often becomes difficult to decide which you’d like to hear more of. Consequently, you listen more, and it must mean that a balance has been struck.
“Sunshine Daydream” [2:29] is quieter, weirder, and more reflective. The playful distortion in this particular track is the most focused effect we’ve heard so far in the record. Everything else shrouded in a fuzz, the track closes out on a somber note.
“Dreamer” [2:35] immediately shapes your foot-tapping. It’s actually kind of edgy, walking the tight-rope between repetition and recognizable melody, but has such a sense of character that is fits well within the whole of When the Morning Greets You.
“Intro” [1:54] is deeply atmospheric, with just the right sprinkle of retro electronica to feed beautifully into the next track:
“Cosmic Bloom” [4:56] has such a richness in its soundscape that you could draw out any 3 or 4 elements that distinguish the song from its other neighbors on the record. The transition at the minute and a half mark caught us entirely by surprise, and brought the house down as our album favorite.
“Tears Of Green” [3:31] seems louder than other tracks, and as if it’s a much larger production. Robotic chatter sitting in the background of this creation,
Mr. Elevator’s When the Morning Greets You satisfies a taste we didn’t even know we had. 4/5.


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