The Cherry Wave, "Crashing"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

The Cherry Wave is a Glasgow, Scotland, shoegaze band consisting of Adam (drums), Bobby (bass), Paul (guitar/vocals), and Ryan (guitar).


The Cherry Wave has been together since 2012, living the outfit’s mission in all that they’ve created:

“The sound of falling apart.”

Since their formation, the group has released a variety of works, including two full length albums, Avalancher (2014) and Shimaru (2017). Following the release of Avalancher, they signed to shoegaze label Saint Marie Records.
Guitarist Ryan Murray had this to say about The Cherry Wave’s background:

“[Our] collective online aloofness is not manifested in the songs, which are direct in both delivery and lyrical matter — they provide a refreshing counterpoint to the tepid nouveau-grunge which is the popular musical currency of the moment. We don’t have a decent photo or anything particularly profound to say for ourselves but we do have 10 fuzz coated pop bangers with Shimaru.”

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“Crashing” is a droning, textured climactic backdrop that slows down your racing mind and allows you to find some peace. With its busy, hellish pace, it is incredible that you’re taken to a place of relaxation at all. Paul’s vocals carry and set the melody for the piece, reaching their peak of intensity just after the 3 minute mark.
Perhaps it’s the mind-grabbing genre, or the magic of Cherry Wave’s cohesion — but the joy of immersion you find when listening grows at each playback. “Crashing” is the faded-out, fuzzy masterpiece of the moment and makes its residence in your head known. 5/5.


You can find ShimaruAvalancher, and all their other releases on The Cherry Wave’s Bandcamp page. To keep up with their news, you can follow them on Soundcloud and like their Facebook.