The Last Artful, Dodgr & Neill Von Tally, "Oodfa"

Post Author: Andre G

Portland-based artist The Last Artful, Dodgr quickly ascended in 2017 with her and Neill Von Tally’s Bone Music album. The LA transplant’s new city recognized her musical prowess, as the project was named the best hip-hop album released from Portland in 2017. That’s high praise – but it’s well deserved with tracks like “Oodfa,” her haunting, breakout track about a love lost. The weathered, high-pitched vocal tone ideally radiates the angst she sings of on the lovelorn track.
Today, she released a video which also fits well with the vibe of the single. The ambitious, Noah Porter-directed video spins, flips and winds through her pain, using the bareness of her home as a foil to symbolize her loneliness. As she ponders, “why you wanna go?,” the camera shifts transitions to her love walking down a hallway, shrouded in darkness. The Black-and-white video makes strong use of subtle elements to illuminate Dodgr’s gloom, such as the air gently pushing through her room.
You can stream Bone Music below.