The Outfit, TX, “Burning Trees” (a short film)

The Outfit, TX’s Down By The Trinity closes with a near eight-minute ambient guitar soliloquy called “Burning Trees”. Alone it’s a “burn one” outro that releases the tension instilled from detached chants over terror synths like on “Wild Turkey/Gold Teeth”. Alone “Burning Trees” is spiritual catharsis.

“Burning Trees” as a short film visualized by director Jeff Adair and The Outfit, TX arrests that catharsis. In the end, there is only one liberated figure and even in that triumph Adair leaves questions on the table. The “Burning Trees” short film challenges from the outset and never lets go. The South is complicated, and only those who live it are at liberty to comment. Films like Adair’s are reminders, while also lending added artistic license to a group who adorned black hoods in front of a burning cross for an album cover.

The Outfit, TX’s Down By The Trinity is out now on Bandcamp.