Trippy Turtle, The Trippy EP

Post Author: Andre G

After four years of absence, Norwegian-born, LA-based artist Lipo is back as Trippy Turtle.  He recently released The Trippy EP, a high-energy offering on Fofadi Records. If you’re new to Trippy’s world, one look and listen to “Lettuce,” the psychedelic music video for his Soulja Boy collaboration, will show you what you’re in for. The surreal video is a symbolic corollary of the myriad sonics at play on the 5-track EP.
From Baltimore club to trap and R&B, Trippy covers all the musical ground. And not just from song-to-song, either. On the party cup celebrating “Solo,” featuring Lil B “having so much fun I might be trippin,” the soundscape shifts from thumping Baltimore club to a slower paced, trap-influenced composition before morphing into trip-hop. With his skyhigh ambition, Trippy shows he’s incapable of being caged by convention or the uber-classifications of the modern music scene.Why put any walls up when it all sounds so incredible together?
You can stream the Trippy EP here.