Tycho, “See”

Scott Hansen, aka Tycho, is learning to relinquish some of the artistic responsibilities of his decade-old project. Early Tycho was not only about Hansen's delicate ear for wormy melodies atop pulsating IDM, but the designs of the records as well. He controlled the entire Tycho aesthetic as both Scott Hansen and ISO50.

On the recently released Awake LP, Tycho officially became a recording three piece and Hansen's entrusted circle has grown further with San Francisco-based videographer GMUNK handling the video for "See". The doors of perception are explored in "See" as the percieved world collides with the mystical realm, visions beyond the pale are experienced, and spiritual energies breakdown the walls between parallel existences. Filmed in California, the "See" video invites the viewer into a world both obtainable and outside the eye's limited scope.

Tycho's Awake is out now on Ghostly International.