Wolfie’s Just Fine, “A New Beginning”

Post Author: Emily Chu
a new beginning

Friday the 13th fans, this one’s for you. Wolfie’s Just Fine has a new video out and it’s everything you’ve every dreamed of. Wolfie’s Just Fine, aka Jon Lajoie, is a Montreal born artist and is best known as “YouTube’s satirical rap master,” according to his bio. His song, “A New Beginning,” plays off the themes and the story line of the fifth installment of the Friday the 13th franchise- Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.

The video starts with two kids running into a house. They put in the 1985 horror film, and start to watch. The story starts out innocent enough- on screen, a boy and a girl get intimate in an opening in the forest. They boys watch, feeling slightly disgusted but also excited and the scene in front of them as the song sings of how “the feeling was completely new.” But in a turn of events, the mood changes as a man in a hockey mask approaches and Jon Lajoie sings, “you didn’t have any time to move, we sat and watched as he murdered you.” Within a minute, girl and the boy end up dead on screen as the kids watch in horror, feeling helpless the whole time. This melancholy tune is so relatable and entertaining, and we are big, big fans.

Wolfie’s Just Fine’s debut album, I Remembered But Then I Forgot, is out now on iTunes and Spotify.