Worriers, “Chasing”

Post Author: NM Mashurov
worriers lauren denitzio

In a video for “Chasing” directed by David Combs (Spoonboy), Worriers play a swinging house party, attended by nearly the entire staff of Willie Mae Girls Rock Camp. Lead singer Lauren Denitzio, outfitted in a white suit and some space age sunglasses, spots a cutie in the crowd and goes in to make a move. But their sunglasses get knocked off revealing a much bleaker party: the kind of party where your friends are standing around not talking to each other and your crush is making out with someone else.

Denitizio puts the glasses back on, deliberately choosing a fantasy over a bummer reality in an interpretation of a similar choice made in the song’s lyrics, which ask a lukewarm love interest to “push me up against the door / make believe you’re kissing someone you make time for,” admitting “it was addictive to be wanted like that.” It’s the kind of funny/sad self-aware writing that makes Imaginary Life so compelling as an album.

“Chasing” also includes a line that’s way too real for anyone who’s ever lived at a house venue, calling someone out for “when you come up to my house / claiming you just want to see the bands.”

Imaginary Life is out now on Don Giovanni.


19 BROOKLYN, NY @ Silent Barn
20 WORCESTER, MA @ The Firehouse
21 PORTLAND, ME @ Poland Street
22 BOSTON, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
23 BUFFALO, NY @ Sugar City
24 COLUMBUS, OH @ Ace of Cups
25 DETROIT, MI @ Trumbullplex
26 CHICAGO, IL @ Burlington
27 MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ Hexagon
28 MILWAUKEE, WI @ High Dive
30 BLOOMINGTON, IN @ Kroeger Castle

01 CLEVELAND, OH @ Mahall’s
02 SYRACUSE, NY @ Spark
03 ITHACA, NY @ Chanti Loft
04 NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ @ Glitterbox