Worriers, “Chasing”

NM Mashurov

In a video for “Chasing” directed by David Combs (Spoonboy), Worriers play a swinging house party, attended by nearly the entire staff of Willie Mae Girls Rock Camp. Lead singer Lauren Denitzio, outfitted in a white suit and some space age sunglasses, spots a cutie in the crowd and goes in to make a move. But their sunglasses get knocked off revealing a much bleaker party: the kind of party where your friends are standing around not talking to each other and your crush is making out with someone else.

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Denitizio puts the glasses back on, deliberately choosing a fantasy over a bummer reality in an interpretation of a similar choice made in the song’s lyrics, which ask a lukewarm love interest to “push me up against the door / make believe you’re kissing someone you make time for,” admitting “it was addictive to be wanted like that.” It’s the kind of funny/sad self-aware writing that makes Imaginary Life so compelling as an album.

“Chasing” also includes a line that’s way too real for anyone who’s ever lived at a house venue, calling someone out for “when you come up to my house / claiming you just want to see the bands.”

Imaginary Life is out now on Don Giovanni.


19 BROOKLYN, NY @ Silent Barn
20 WORCESTER, MA @ The Firehouse
21 PORTLAND, ME @ Poland Street
22 BOSTON, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
23 BUFFALO, NY @ Sugar City
24 COLUMBUS, OH @ Ace of Cups
25 DETROIT, MI @ Trumbullplex
26 CHICAGO, IL @ Burlington
27 MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ Hexagon
28 MILWAUKEE, WI @ High Dive
30 BLOOMINGTON, IN @ Kroeger Castle

01 CLEVELAND, OH @ Mahall’s
02 SYRACUSE, NY @ Spark
03 ITHACA, NY @ Chanti Loft
04 NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ @ Glitterbox

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