The Sex Quest continues with Speak and Antwon

“Get active” is the command delivered by Antwon into his cell phone on “TWEAK”, the new single released ahead of Sex Quest III. Opulence collides with the scandalous, as Speak and Antwon get assertive in their “no time for fake ones” mentality. In fact, time is of the essence for the rap duo on “TWEAK” as the crusade continues.

With the first Sex Quest EP arriving in December 2014, the forthcoming Sex Quest III EP means its been a 10 month escapade for the series’ masterminds Speak and producer Caleb Stone. Past collaborations on Pt.I and Pt.II included Groundislava, Kitty, Sara Z, Alexander Spit, Dream Panther, and Deniro Farrar. For Sex Quest III, Speak and Stone invited Antwon, Wiki of Ratking, Trinidad James, and Rikky Gage of The Memories on the caravan for the chocha.

Sex Quest III EP is out September 11 on iTunes.