Xander Harris, “Night Fortress”

Embedded in music is a language that speaks to the mind's eye, stirring images within us that play a functional role in how we translate it. Whether the video for Xander Harris' "Night Fortress" was based on the vision of Xander or director Melissa Cha is unknown, but the ital disco meets 80s horror soundtrack production encouraged someone to dress Naomi Payette in a Betty Rubble-like get-up and have her sip champagne with a blue man.

Mostly shot in wastelands, the video feels as though it's set in a dystopian alt-universe with trickles of our current world still remaining in grocery stores and backyards. Based out of Austin, Xander Harris is seeing his backyard go to waste as old buildings are left to rot while condos continue to rise. The characters in the video are disaffected by their surroundings, opting to indulge and posture over interacting with their surroundings. Makes ya wonder… am I that blue man with the dollar sign sunglasses?

The New Dark Age of Love is out April 2 on Not Not Fun.