YDIMITU, "Ghost"

Post Author: Andre G

After a year absence, the duo of Adam McGinn and Andy Nagashima, formerly known as earlynineties and now going by YDIMITU, has released new music. “Ghost” is a characteristically cloudy dreampop ballad, with moody synths and filtered vocals that seem to be calling out from the “other side” they croon about. Just as the feathery guitar plucks drift into the cavernous production, one may feed into existential rumination while listening to “Ghost.”
The McGinn-directed video sustains the reverie, with a range of visual tricks projecting a pensive, overcast aesthetic. The visuals follow a woman in a shower, on the beach, and throughout the city. As the gnashing drums rip through, the unnamed woman walks along the sand, watching birds fly off the shore and ocean tide under the rocks. The video and track work in perfect tandem to radiate a relaxing energy. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the next dose of dreampop from YDIMITU.