Yes You Are Shares "HGX" and Perfect Playlist

Post Author: Emily Chu

From the beautiful city of Kansas City, Yes You Are is an alternative electro pop band who’s seriously making a name for themselves. After releasing their track, “HGX,” the song was featured in a Pepsi Max commercial that thrusted the song on the radar of countless people.
But it doesn’t stop there. The song was also played during the Billboard Music Awards, as well as featured in the Oscars and The Bachelor finale. The list goes on, and it’s not hard to see why. The track is super catchy, and it’s the very definition of a pump up jam that will get your blood flowing and body moving.

Sail Away – Randy Newman
Bob Dylan said of this song “it doesn’t get any better.” This song is about setting off on a long journey across the mighty ocean for a shot at freedom and a better life, only to realize, when you arrive on land on the other side that your journey to freedom has just begun.
Playing With The Big Boys Now – The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack
This is a song about moving from the minor leagues to the major leagues. However, it’s important to be able to discern which is which. If you want to get to where you’re going, 9 times out of 10, you’re going to have to face down a few Egyptian charlatans.
Off To See The Lizard – Jimmy Buffet
The chorus says it’s all “Deja vu… believe it and it will come true. Veja du… What works for me might work for you.”
Betting On Us – Francis and The Lights
We are big baseball fans. The feeling and the metaphors of the game are profound and mysterious and Francis uses them beautifully in this song and he seals the deal with his affirming chorus, “And so I’m stepping on up to the plate, And I’m betting on us all the way.” We’re betting on you too Francis, thanks for giving us such a great jam to sing along to.
Like A Dream – Francis and The Lights
In this song Francis says, “I’m ready for the big time, is it ready for me?” Sometimes we feel like we’re ready when we’re not. Sometimes you get what you need instead of what you want.
Get In The Car – Francis and The Lights
Dylan once said how as you grow in life the meanings of words change. “Car” is one of those words that means one thing in the day another thing in the night. The word car has taken on a new meaning for us so when we listen to this song it has a different meaning than it might to most people.
Choo Coo Lullabye – Moondog
This song does the thing we are after. It’s like a portal, it collapses time and makes you feel like you’re remembering something you’ve never experienced and makes you feel like you’re in a place you’ve never been to.. even right where you are.
In The New Year – The Walkmen
This is a song about great expectations and knowing your promised land is near. If you know what great seeds you’ve sown then you can know you’ll reap great reward. The angels are singing just for you.
Waiting On A Friend – The Rolling Stones
His whole life it seems like Mick Jagger has always needed a lot of women. This song makes it sound like he just needed a friend. Its refreshingly vulnerable.
Pictures of Adolf – Bill Fay
Every day we get to choose what kinds of presence we welcome into our lives. Not understanding that puts your life in neutral and like most cars left that way, you’ll just simply roll away aimlessly and probably crash.
Jesus Was A Cross Maker – Judee Sill
Judee’s story is tragic but her voice was so pure and angelic. Listening to this song reminds me how complex we are as humans, and how important it is to be conscious, everyday, to stay in the light.
First We Take Manhattan – Leonard Cohen
This is where you’re fully loaded and ready to exploded. Bad grammar but correct sentiment and weird rhymes are fun. You’ve become equipped with the all the right weapons and you’re like, bring it on. Victory is assured.
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