Young Guv, “Crawling Back To You”

Post Author: Sam Lefebvre
young guv crawling back to you

Existential discontent belies the lush beauty of Young Guv‘s “Crawling Back to You”, a beaming power-pop song written from the perspective of a “guy who hates the world so much he’d like to crawl back up into his mother’s womb and live there,” says bandleader Ben Cook (who also plays in Fucked Up).

Perhaps the most buoyant song written about fetal regression, it appeared last year on Young Guv’s full-length for Slumberland RecordsRipe 4 Luv. And above, it pairs with a new music video. Filmed in Mississauga, Ontario’s Dixie Mall, produced by Part & Parcel Co., and directed by Cook alongside Kit Knows, its young star, Rex, strays from his mother in the opening scene and wanders through “one of those malls that could be any shitty mall.” He applies makeup like an impressionist; the diffuse patches of color emphasize his arctic eyes. And by the time a sense of weariness appears, Rex spots the maternal figure, to which he doesn’t crawl but sprint. In other words, the video to “Crawling Back to You” cleanses Cook’s song of all its original cynicism.

“The powerful feminine energy that surrounds us from family, friends, and the earth itself I find really comforting and special,” Cook says. “Shouts out to all moms.”