Ziemba, “Phantom See”

Post Author: Katie Capri

In “Phantom See”, Ziemba presents us with an interpretive dance between personalities, the boundary dividing the two is uncertain, leading to assumptions of other-wordly forces at play. Both song and video work together in decadent forms that Ziemba (New York-based musician and performance artist René  Kladzyk) uses to illustrate a spiritual and emotional multiplicity that usually can only be experienced internally.

The song itself opens with a sparse chattering crawl. Its tribal beat, pounding few and far between Ziemba‘s searching croons, moves the song forward with suspense. The exaggerated space between notes creates the sort of  heightened anxiety that’s associated with the uncertainty of supernatural dealings.

For the video—premiered above—Director Corey Tatarczuk  and Director of Photography David Hale used shadows and literal smoke and mirrors to play tricks with the viewer’s perception of how many people, feelings and objects occupy the screen at one time. Moving double exposures sync up to the slow-driving beat under dramatic chiaroscuro lighting.

Watch the debut of “Phantom See” above. You can see Ziemba perform live in New York this Sunday for her video release show at Cake Shop with Glockabelle, Alice Cohen and Roya. RSVP here.