Katie Capri

{ Katie Capri is an editor at Impose. She is rarely referred to by her first name only. }

Katie Capri is an Impose Staff Editor living in Brooklyn.
She plays music, spends a lot of time thinking about semiotics and is rarely referred to by first name only.

Katie Capri's Posts

Freelancer Fashion: Gabriella Paiella

The Maxxinista walks us through her day-robe collection.

Freelancer Fashion: Ann Friedman

For the California-based columnist, editing requires an extra article of clothing.

Freelancer Fashion: Jamie Peck

The New York arts and events writer walks us through style consequences.

Freelancer Fashion: Monica Heisey

Tailoring her childhood image of the bohemian house coat lifestyle to her career’s (and kitchen’s) needs.

The Incredible Lightness of Being Chumped

On their new album, tour lessons, and living más.

Freelancer Fashion: Luke O’Neil

The self-proclaimed townie Masshole discusses #sweatpantcore.

Petty Things, “Bored”

A grainy PSA against idle hands.

Vagabon, “Shadows”

A soulful, shimmering ode to the only person who is always there for you.

Palberta, My Pal Berta

Palberta’s mischievous first album will haunt your Halloween.

Ziemba, “Phantom See”

A haunting interpretive dance between dazzling lights and duplicitous beings.

Stream Fleeting Youth x r/CassetteCulture’s Blooming Compilation

33 “fuzz-fucked” tracks connected by the love of tightly wound magnetic tape and… the internet.

Mitski, “I Will”

A more emotionally bare side of Mitski’s multifaceted sound.

September Girls “Veneer”

The Dublin garage pop quintet channels Samara for their new video.

LA Font, “Bright Red Flame”

The second single from their forthcoming 2-on-1 cassette release.

Washer’s new track is less than hygienic

“Rot” does have quite a ring to it though.

Stream Narco States, Wicked Sun

From the land of 10,000 lakes comes 10,000 altered states of being.

Meredith Graves Continues her Role as Conduit between Critical Theory and Mass Media

And she deserves a promotion.

Cinematic Neo-Noir with LODRO

See the visual rendering of the Brooklyn band’s aural psychic creep.

Alice Glass Ends Crystal Castles

Lead singer announces she’s leaving the thrash pop power-duo behind.


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