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jillian medford of IAN

Bedroom fuzz always makes me weak in the knees. Nathan Williams’ Wavves first record raged its way into my heart pretty much at its first atonal thrash. More recently, Casino Hearts‘ latest heartwarming buzzing made an impression on us. And of course, we can’t forget the wishy washy canon of Ariel Pink. When you fall in love with something in that solo state, there’s room for disappointment in the chasm a song must navigate in its journey from bedroom recording project to full band.

Boston’s IAN certainly didn’t fall off the path on that transition. Jillian Medford’s busy year of solitary recording has blossomed into the self-titled EP by IAN, featuring the backing power of drums, bass and guitar. The added members brought back old songs in new-and-improved sound. “yOu confuse me” deploys its original kinetic distortion and squealing from one guitar into a full band and the cymbal clanging smooths out the guitar and vocals like spreading wet cement on the floor of a new garage. “Big Dog” keeps the spotlight on Medford and a new respect for watery echo and smooth ascents to big sound bridges.

Stand out, though, is a new one; the EP’s opener. “Don’t Call Me” keeps Medford’s twee side at the fore while the subtle cymbal work lets the guitar strums soar in a sweet state of melancholy before the full band really gets to introduce themselves.

Stream the whole IAN EP below, out now on Bandcamp and on cassette via Bufu Records.