Petty Things, “Bored”

Post Author: Katie Capri

The devil may care about the new video for “Bored”.  Petty Things took their fuzzed out track to the visual realm with equal parts nostalgic technology and slacker self-indulgence. There’s nothing congratulatory about “Bored” though. It’s clear from the beginning, when the protagonist’s bed fellow kicks him out after Hot Babe lights up his caller ID, the massive focus on carb binges and fast food iconography isn’t fun forever.

“Bored” is a grainy day of downward spirals following a free-for-all  haze of quick indulgences and psychedelic escapism. There’s booze, babes, donuts, sexts, and a bunch of jabronis getting stoned in their Honda after failed attempts at everything. As the song builds and the bored dudes watch 90s Microsoft screensavers bounce across their windshield, it’s debatable whether the van in which Petty Things numb their sorrows actually cruises anywhere. Let’s hope not. But the lyric “when I get bored, you better watch out” does little to quell our suspicions otherwise.

Watch the video debut of “Bored” above, off of Year of the Dog, available now on cassette and for digital download via Gnar Tapes/Rubber Brother Records.